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A computer is a powerhouse that documents and stores every action and piece of data received. This includes browser history, email history, download history, message history, and much more. Individuals can protect their information from getting stolen, exploited, or discovered by using Privacy Control software. Privacy Control software acts as an internet eraser by cleaning and deleting internet files, pictures, videoes, cookies, etc. By using top-rated Privacy Control software, you can be 100% assured that all information you have cleaned up and elminated has actually been permanently deleted from your computer. After lab testing some of the most well known Privacy Control applications including Cyberscrub, Evidence Eliminator, Paretologic Privacy Controls, Winclear, Window Washer, and Privacyguard, Paretologic Privacy Controls was our top choice. Paretologic Privacy Controls outperformed its competition in the following tasks:

  • Cleaning Internet and Hard Drive Data.
  • Erasing Internet History, Email History, Search History, and Message History.
  • Shredding Pictures, Videos, Documents, and any other Confidential Information.
  • Securing Email Addresses, Ids, Accounts, Passwords, & Credit Card Numbers.
  • Deleting Hard Drive Files that Slow Down your Computer.
  • Helping Maintain a High Level of Privacy 

    Below is a list of features that all the applications we tested have:

  • Erase Browser History
  • Erase Internet History
  • Delete Cookies
  • Erase Internet Tracks
  • Clear Search History
  • Erase URLs
  • Delete Passwords
  • Clean Hard Drive
  • Destroy Pictures
  • Destroy Videos
  • Delete Cache
  • Delete Unwanted Files
  • Delete Credit Card Info
  • Clean Address Bar
  • Remove Desktop Searches
  • Clear Visited Sites
  • Remove Internet Termporary Files
  • Clean Index.dat
  • Clear Search History
  • Delete Programs
  • Format Hard Drive