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Best DVD Burning Software

Most of us like to collect things. Simple things like stamps, drawings, digital media and books, among countless others. And it’s not surprising that some might prefer to manage a collection of optical discs.

With the rapid improvement of hard drives, storing information has become a much cheaper and convenient alternative to optical media – massive clouds, large external and internal hard drives are here to oblige, but there’s nothing quite like staying retro and sticking to optical discs.

Is there a reason to go optical now?

Longevity is a big concern when it comes to digital information; not everything is so smooth in this department for HDD’s and SSD’s either.

Hard drives are prone to crashing and physical wear. While SSD’s only have a certain amount of write cycles in their lifespan.

There are many kinds of optical discs, the most well-known formats are CD-ROM (Compact Disc), DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile/Video Disc) and Blu-Ray. Every physical media format has a habit of getting mechanical cuts, being broken into pieces or having data become unreadable after a while. Assuming you properly handle those discs with care, they can last for a while.

Either way, burning/copying soft ware will be the sole topic of this article. We will try to find the best burning programs to copy and record different kinds of discs, not just those belonging to the DVD format. Before you proceed, you need to make sure you have a drive capable of recording data onto blank discs.

So strap in, and let’s get started with finding the best DVD burning tools.

Nero Burning ROM

A long-standing leader of recording tools. Not only does it provide excellent burning capabilities, but it also has a powerful audio ripper. It allows you to convert audio discs to any audio format you desire, both lossy (MP3, AAC) and lossless (FLAC, APE).

It is capable of fast and easy recording for all types of discs. Extensive copying capabilities also allow it to create 1:1 copies with unmatched speed, so if you want to copy a disc promptly, there is no better substitute.

As always, when you intend to copy information onto a blank disc, you can use this tool’s functionality to create an ISO image and add proprietary encryption to it, known as SecurDisc 4.0.

It supports all image formats and types of drives.

Some additional functionality includes:

  • Option to print disc covers (LightScribe).

  • Ability to create boot discs.

  • User-friendly interface.

Windows operating systems from Win 7 to Win 10 are supported.

Nero Burning ROM remains and is likely to remain one of the best DVD burning tools around. Important to note, Nero Burning ROM is a paid tool, and it usually costs $49.95, so if you are looking for something cheaper, this next one will most likely fill the gap.

ImgBurn is a program which is minuscule in size but is surprisingly flexible in terms of functionality. No list of best CD DVD burning software is complete without ImgBurn. It is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, including the straightforward process of burning and creating an image.

ImgBurn is simple, fast, and supports most image formats. Designed mostly for the Windows platform (with support beginning with Windows 95 and ending with the most recent Windows 10), the tool is distributed on an entirely free basis.

The best choice if you intend to make quick copies, and verify the quality of written material.

Its functionality out-of-the-box is sufficient enough for any beginner, yet it still provides rich customization options, an all-encompassing solution for a beginner and power user alike.


Another free application, it is filled with features. Capable of burning CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-ray discs, with support for dual-layer writing.
It provides:

  • Ability to verify written data.

  • Quick and straightforward data erasure.

  • Option to create ISO images and burn them.

  • Create boot and mixed mode disks.

  • LightScribe disc image printing.

  • Ability to make backups.

  • Customizable burn options.

Unheard of for a free tool, functionality is extremely well-thought out and comprehensive. Windows XP and up are the supported operating systems.

Ashampoo Burning Studio

A program that specializes in burning and countless other things, with an additional shift towards editing. This functionality allows to easily cut, rearrange, and burn movies straight onto the disc.

A big emphasis has been put on streamlining the user interface. Ashampoo Burning Studio has been around for countless years, and the only way to make users know about the broad functionality of the suite is to make the whole experience much more user-friendly and accessible, and the tool does just that.

  • It supports additional options for compression and backup protection.

  • Broad options for media editing — cutting, trimming, adding music and the ability to create slideshows with photos. The process of making content got a lot more personal.

  • Add subtitles to movies.

  • Numerous themes and menus for multimedia usage.

  • Options to rip, convert and record audio discs.

The price is currently at $59.99.

As you can see, there are practically no limits to this tool; the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Now you know what you need to make your dream collection of DVD’s. The only problem is getting enough blank discs. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?