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            If you’ve ever had to tinker around with video files before, at one time or another you’ve come across format issues. You get quite the headached trying to hunt down the proper codec or player so that you can view a particular file. The good news is that there are video converters out there, such as MovAvi’s Video Converter, that are able to take such files and turn them into files that you can actually use. How does this software match up with the competition? Let’s find out!

            MovAvi video Converter, thankfully, is a snap to get up and running. Believe it or not, there are many times that I set out to do a review and find a piece of software that is wholly unusable. This program, however, was different. After getting it going, I found the interface to be very smooth and intuitive. The built-in player is particularly nice. This handy feature lets you preview your videos right then and there without starting up another program.

            Movavi Convert all the popular formats and to portable devices such as iPhone or Blackberry

            The main thrust of MovAvi’s Video Converter, however, is the conversion. After converting a few files, I can say without a doubt that it works great. I was able to convert all the popular formats into one another and you can even convert files from portable devices such as your iPhone or Blackberry. The designers obviously spent a lot of time with this core feature and they got it down pat.
            Built-in Editor lets you watch any video frame-by-frame, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and rotate and more
            Another great feature in Movavi Video Converter is the built-in editor. This tool lets you watch any video frame-by-frame, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and rotate, add a watermark, or save a particular frame. Whether you need to touch up videos you’ve downloaded or filmed yourself, the editor is a great feature to have if you want to improve a particular file.
            The only drawback I could find with MovAvi’s Video Converter is that there is no Help file. You’ll be able to find out the answer to any question you have online, of course, but there should be something built-in. Given how easy this software is to use, however, it may never even be an issue for you.

            Costs half as much as other Converters with more Features
            The price of this software, however, erases any doubt I had concerning the missing Help feature. MovAvi’s Video Converter costs a measly $29.95 – about half of what most video converter programs will cost you! It has all the features of those other converters plus a few more and costs half as much?

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            That’s right! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a fact. I’m not sure how the designers can afford to sell this software for such a low price, but the cynic in me tells me that it’s the other companies that are jacking up their prices and these guys are selling their software for what the other guys should be selling their for.

            MovAvi Video Converter Summary

            So all in all, I’d have to say that MovAvi’s Video Converter is definitely worth cheap movavi picking up if you are in the market for a video converter. If you’ve been searching high and low for a way to have all your videos in one easy format, this is the software for you. It has a very intuitive interface and some very handy features that let you do just about anything you want when it comes to videos. The best part about this package is the price; for $30 you get movavi discount code everything the other converters do, and then some. If you are on a budget (and who isn’t these days?), then this is the video converter you want. MovAvi’s Video Converter is highly recommended!


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