McAfee Antivirus Plus Coupon Codes

McAfee Antivirus Plus Coupon Codes






      Ease of use


        Scans & updates





            • One License - All Devices
            • Large antivirus database
            • Real-time scans


            • Low Scan Speed
            • Hard on system resources



            There is a ton of anti-malware software nowadays, but only a few anti-virus programs can boast the functionality and versatility of the McAfee antivirus.

            This McAfee VirusScan Plus review will be providing a rundown on the performance and feature set of the antivirus from McAfee, also known as McAfee Antivirus Plus coupon.

            This antivirus offers a lot in terms of protection from all kinds of malware – McAfee coupons is a leading company in providing cross-platform support.
            Almost every Intel product gets bundled with McAfee. Unsurprising, since it became a part of Intel Security.

            Products, Costs, and Availability
            No review of McAfee antivirus is complete without a rundown of available products.

            There are four main types of software this company makes available to home users. Every next tier is enhanced with an additional set of features, as well as including functionality from previous ones.

            Antivirus Plus ($59.99) — The base version of the Antivirus. Provides anti-phishing and malware protection capabilities. Is the main subject of this review. As you will discover, the “plus” that is present in its designation is more than just a mere marketing gimmick.
            Internet Security ($79.99) — Now the roster is joined with identity protection.
            Total Protection ($89.99) – The most complete set of features along with the highest amount of additional encryption. All the benefits from previous ones are also included.

            Livesafe ($89.99) – The Ultimate protection from McAfee promo codes.

            A trial period of 30 days is offered to new users. However, registration is required. Also keep in mind that McAfee provides the offer only once. When the trial runs out, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription to continue using the software.

            There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, the option is there, in case you need it.

            Almost every major platform gets supported by these programs. Unfortunately, the entire set of functionality does not carry over in its fullest to mobile platforms.

            • Windows 7, 8.1, 10; both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported

            • Mac OS X 10.10

            • Android 4.1 and up

            • Apple iOS 9


            The installation process is automated and requires minimal input from the user.

            Visual design

            The color palette and visual design don’t differ much from past iterations of the program, so those familiar with McAfee software should have no problem acclimating to the new version of the tool.

            Some may think that it remains a bit too cumbersome, but it still gets the job done. A bit more simplicity to the layout wouldn’t hurt, however.

            Feature list

            McAfee Antivirus Plus reviews need to focus on the feature set more because it has a distinct advantage over other modern antivirus tools – it allows to install a single license on as many machines as you would like. At a time, when most anti-virus tools get a limited amount of activations (3 in most cases), this utility comes along and shows how it should be done.

            Another advertised feature is a 100% guarantee to remove all viruses – The Virus Protection Pledge promo code. If the tool fails to remove malware from your system, you will be eligible for a refund.

            Virus and Spyware protection — the general functionality requirement for any anti-malware software. You have the option to scan your PC, enable the option for real-time scanning, and set scheduled scans. Web and e-mail protection with a very robust firewall.

            WebAdvisor — a plugin for all the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox and some support for Safari on iOS and OSX. It reports on potentially suspicious websites and categorizes them as being safe (green), suspicious (yellow), unsafe (red).

            QuickClean is a bonus tool in the suite; it allows to remove all the junk files with ease. As a result, your PC will run smoother. It ensures your system is free from unnecessary files.
            There is also a vulnerability scanner, a tool to remove traces of online activity and a permanent file remover (shredder).

            It has a robust anti-spam functionality, which provides detailed and comprehensive spam filtering options.

            Technical support

            The customer support division works 24/7, for the entirety of the year.

            Active protection

            Memory usage is higher than most antivirus solutions and can affect the performance slightly. So if you are on an old configuration, you might notice a slowdown here and there.

            In summation

            McAfee Antivirus Plus promo code features all the main and helpful functionality a modern antivirus should have.
            Despite the fact that it’s a resource hog and can take up several minutes to perform a simple scan, it provides excellent malware detection rates and has the added benefit of being installed on many devices with just a single subscription. When you take that into account, McAfee Antivirus Plus may be the best value proposition across the entire line of modern antiviruses.


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