Kaspersky Lab Coupon Codes (US Best Price %)

Kaspersky Lab Coupon Codes (US Best Price %)








      Kaspersky Anti-Virus specializes in detection and removal of Rootkits, which are one of the worst types of malware. Rootkits can gain access to your computer as an “administrator” and change how your operating system functions. Sometimes they also interfere with your anti-virus program, so they can be difficult to detect and/or remove.
      It also detects and removes viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, malicious tools, and auto-dialers.

      URL Advisor:

      Kaspersky has a URL Advisor feature that warns users if links on search engine listings lead to suspicious or phishing web addresses.
      This means you can identify the possible dangers of a website or page before you even click on the link.
      Color-Coded Tags ( Kaspersky Icons slightly smaller than those shown above) are added to most of the web links within search results, that advise you of the danger level of the link:
      GREEN for “Safe Web Page”
      GRAY for “Unknown Web Page”
      RED for “Dangerous Web Page”
      Many listings that are safe will still show the GRAY icon – this is just because Kaspersky doesn’t have information about that particular page.
      You mostly should be concerned if you see a RED Icon, and be sure NOT to click on that listing.
      When you Hover over the Icons, you will see a square window that has a link to get additional information:

      You can run 3 different types of scans:

      Full Scan – should be run after installing your anti-virus program. After this you can run a scan as often as you want – once a week, two weeks, etc. This scan may take some time – 20 minutes to an hour or more.
      Special Note: Faster isn’t always better. Some reviewers (and sites) that do testing may report other anti-virus brands having faster scan times than Kaspersky. A “full scan” with Kaspersky may be longer because Kaspersky goes deeper than other brands and checks more individual items. Also, different factors affect scan times, such as the size of your hard drive, number of files on your computer, how often scans are done, etc.
      Vulnerability Scan – shows systems and applications on you computer that may allow for malicious attacks.
      Critical Areas Scan – a quick scan of objects that are loaded with the computer operating system at startup.

      Once Kaspersky is installed, you really don’t need to run scans every day, because the Kaspersky Cloud System constantly looks for new threats and blocks malicious sites and pages from coming into your computer.
      I have been very pleased with Kaspersky. Once your Anti-Virus program is installed, updates will come in automatically throughout the day. You may see some slowing of your computer while this is happening, but the updates take no more than 5-10 minutes to come in.
      There have been several times when Kaspersky Anti-Virus blocked something from coming into my computer. When this happens you will see a box in the lower right corner telling you that a threat was blocked.
      I would probably give Kaspersky the lowest marks for “support”. Although their support has improved over the years, this is where they get the most criticism.
      However, Kaspersky has many different web pages that explain different aspects of their programs.



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