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Having our computer in tip top shape is really important, especially if we work on it all day. This is the reason why we always need to take care that our device is in tip-top shape at all times, and the best way to do that is by downloading a PC optimization suite.

Unfortunately, all of those are very expensive, yet there are some tools, such as CCleaner that help you get the job done very fast and results can be seen immediately, as the lag will disappear and the junk files will be immediately thrown out of your device.

CCleaner has been around for a lot of years now and it has improved tremendously in the last few years, as it added support for a lot of applications and numerous features that just make it the best system optimization tool which you can find out there. It offers a lot of variety and it’s easy to use as well.


Right after you open CCleaner you will immediately see that it has all its functions placed into multiple categories. You have the Cleaner category where you can access just about any function related to optimization or the Registry category, where you can scan and repair registry issues that appear while you are working on your PC. We then have the tools section where we can uninstall applications for example and the Options area where we can simply make sure that the application works exactly the way we want.


CCleaner’s Cleaner function allows you to remove unused data from Windows and applications installed on your computer as well. One of the first things you can choose to remove is all the data included in Internet Explorer. You can remove things such as temporary internet files, your history, your index.dat files, recently types URLs, cookies and last download location, among many others. It’s important to know that CCleaner automatically unchecks some options that might not be safe to perform on your computer, such as Autocomplete Form History or Saved Passwords in the case of the Internet Explorer section. From our experience the software behaved amazingly well in deleting Internet Explorer’s data, Windows Explorer’s history, System temporary files and so on.

In the Advanced section one can choose to delete Windows Event Logs and Prefetch data, something that is simply not useful and just wastes disk space. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use CCleaner that often, but in those situations when you feel that your computer is hanging and the boot speed is very slow you should immediately boot up CCleaner and use it right away.

We enjoy the fact that more and more apps are integrated into CCleaner, and you can easily delete their old data safely.

From our tests, the duration of a cleanup process can vary tremendously, based on how many items you want to delete, how often you perform cleanup and multiple other factors. Since we use CCleaner a lot on all of our computers, we found that an unnecessary file removal session can take from a few seconds to around 3-4 minutes. What is sure in this case is that the application is very fast and you won’t have to sit near it while it does its job, instead you can go and do your daily chores, then check out the details of the files that were deleted when you come back.

CCleaner is very easy to use, you just need to press the Analyze button, then wait until the process is complete. This analysis will show exactly how much space can be recovered. If you are happy with the results, you should go on and press the Run Cleaner button, wait until it finishes and that’s it. For us, the cleaner is the heart and soul of the CCleaner application, and we are surely impressed with the performance provided by this tiny, yet very important app.


Each action we perform on our computer tends to create an entry in the registry, and the more items we delete or add, the cluttered the registry can be. This is why using a registry cleaner is an imperative thing to do. Thankfully, CCleaner brings us a great registry cleaning utility with its free tool, so not only we can remove all the junk files that are sitting in our computer, but we can also make sure that there aren’t any problems with the registry as well.

The registry cleaner can remove registry entries related to help files, obsolete software, sound events, windows services, unused file extensions and missing shared DLLs, among many others.

Using the registry cleaner is simple, it just requires you to scan for issues, wait until the application detects them all, and then you just have to press the Fix Selected Issues button in order to remove the problem. As stated earlier, the more data you have on your computer, the longer the process will take, but in our case, while testing CCleaner here at Best Soft Reviews we had to wait around a minute. The hardware specifications can be seen in the picture, but it’s quite clear that CCleaner can do wonders no matter on any computer, although on the lower end ones you do need to wait a little more than usual.


One of the main things that any computer user enjoys is to install as many applications as possible. Be it curiosity or need, we always tend to install one more app and add it to an already large list, and in the end we might get stuck with a large number of tools that we didn’t open at least one time. The Uninstall function of CCleaner allows us to completely and safely remove any app installed on our computer.

If you are asking yourself how to uninstall an application in CCleaner, then the answer is very simple. You just need to go to the Tools section, press the Uninstall button and browse the list until you can see the program you want to remove.

There are three actions you can take here, you either run the uninstaller, removing the application as you normally would in Windows or, if you want, you can just rename or delete the entry to make sure that it won’t appear in your registry any more. During our tests here at Best Soft Reviews we didn’t encounter any problem while uninstalling apps with CCleaner, everything went smooth each and every time, and we will continue to use it because it works flawlessly each and every time.

Another great feature added to this tool is the Startup manager. This brings you the ability to enable or disable registry keys related to startup, making the startup management process a lot easier to perform. We liked the fact that you can disable scheduled tasks and even context menu entries, as we think that customization is everything and we shouldn’t have to deal with an imposed context menu.

The duplicate finder is quite good, although it took a lot of time to find duplicates on the hard drive that we tested, then again it was filled with data. On a second computer, with Windows 8.1 the process was finished in around 2 minutes, mainly due to the fact that there weren’t that many apps and games installed.

Another function that might be interesting for some users is the Drive Wiper. This is very good for people that want to delete all data on their drive and make it irrecoverable. There are two options, to delete only free space or all the data. Of course, we recommend the latter if you want to destroy any type of data on your drive, but even so some recovery tools might be able to get it back, so be aware of that.


CCleaner is very easy to customize according to your needs. We won’t talk about all the options which you can find in it, because there are quite a lot of them, but what is important to know is that you can add or exclude folders that need to be cleaned or, if needed, you can also sort browser cookies.


Can I see any results?

Most of us will use the app when we feel that our computer is slowed down quite a lot. Of course, even if this is a free download, most people will ask if it’s worth it to download CCleaner?

The answer is Yes, of course, because only with CCleaner will you be able to remove all clutter, junk and invalid registry files quickly. It’s very easy to use and even people with no tech knowledge will be able to use it.

On the other hand, experts think that letting an app mess with the registry is not a good thing to do, and to some extent they might be right. Yet over the years no computer or OS has been damaged by CCleaner which shows the high standard of the application and its capabilities.

Our experience with CCleaner

Even from the beginning we though CCleaner to be a solid application, and we weren’t wrong. It brings a lot of value, numerous functions and a handful of customization options that allow us to make it suitable for any type of computer. The Cleaner function works perfectly, so does the registry cleaner, yet functions like the drive wiper, file finder and system restore should not be used if you don’t have any experience. CCleaner doesn’t seem to add an option that allows you to lock these functions if someone accesses your computer while you are away, and this can be a bad thing, unfortunately.

Even so, CCleaner is the best junk file removal software on the market, and its free edition caters to all your needs. Piriform, its developers, have also created other versions, such as the Business edition that allows you to clean across user profiles and protect online privacy or the Technician edition that comes with the ability to install to USB drive and priority technical support. You can find the difference between these versions and buy them at



CCleaner is one of those tools that should be installed on any computer as it does a lot more than cleaning junk. The new versions enable you to clean registry, delete file duplicates, manage startup and so on. CCleaner is a stellar application that has earned a permanent place on our computers and we recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great tool that can help you redeem the lost space and repair your registry.

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