The Top 5 Best Alternatives to PhotoShop

There is no need today to rely on photoshop alone in editing your photos. A Wide range of alternatives are available for you to make a discovery.


It has more than 600 photo editing effects. It uses iphone operating systems and androids platforms. This app is free which makes it to be widely used. It is the most famous photo editor used online. It gives all the features that are expected to found on a photo editor. In addition to 600 effects, it has overlays and borders. Pixlr user interface is more similar to that of photoshop. This feature gives opportunity to those already knows how to use photoshop to enjoy pixlr.


It is mostly used by photographers. It can be used with mac operating systems. It is the best alternative to photoshop for the photographer’s shop. It is very simple and an average photographer can comfortable use it without any problem. It lacks some features that are common on photoshop such as 3D editing, doing animation, web among others. Other features are universal. It has adjustment and development tools to perfect the image appearance. These tools are automatic white balance used to rectify color casts by the use of skin tones, professional automatic enhance used to apply exposure, curves as well as vibrancy. The software has a brush feature that is used to paint images and other photo effects that are ready to use.


This software was introduced in 2007. It runs on the mac platform. It has served as a great alternative to photoshop more especially among the artists and hobbyists. Some of its features include non-destructive filters, mixing modes, layering styles and curves. Acorn 4 is the latest version that was developed recently. This version has improved speed, user interface and reliability. The most breakthroughs in this software is the use of non-destructive filters such as interface of chain filters to make exceptional effects. The software offers opportunity to modify filters after they have been closed and then reopen of the image.


This software has included features similar to those of photoshop but it goes at a cheap price. It runs on mac platform. It is described as designer’s tool box. It uses vector graphics has a simple user interface and many other features that are similar to photoshop. These features are: color picker, layers and gradients. Sketch is very flexible and can be used by retina display technology and mobile gadgets. It has superb zooming features and vector primitives for many resolutions. This software costs less than $50.


It is a very powerful app for editing photos. It can be used across many platforms. It is endowed with vector graphics support instead of bitmaps when formatting graphics. It imitates the working of photoshop and adobe illustrator. This program gives you more options in graphic design which are similar to photoshop. If fully support layers, masks and brush controls. This app is better when compared with GIMP.

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