How To Backup Android Devices Data?

Guide for backing up the data in the android Review

One of the most important task which should be done in any android gadget is backing up important data for future reuse, there are many solutions available for this process and this guide will show you the best possible and trouble free trick for data backing up.

The guide will let you know about the best applications available in the store for backing up the data.


There are some default backing up functions in operating system. The default backup features are activated when a user logs in the system using the Google mail id, this can backup data like contacts, settings, passwords and some extra settings but the problem is that the default features cannot make a backup solution for saved messages in the cellphone.

Due to this reason there is a need for better and enhanced applications which are easily discovered in the store and can make backing up very easy. There are very fast applications available for the devices in which rooting has been done but for the devices in which rooting his not done, we will still provide some applications which can be used on such devices. These applications do have some kind of advertisements in them which can be removed by paying some money.

GO Backup Pro

GO Backup Pro is very fast and effective application for the purposes of the backing up data and settings. It is very simple to use and is very powerful and extremely effective application. This application is available for devices with and without rooting done in them. But in the devices in which rooting is done, this can extra features like making the installation notification invisible during the restoration process. Plus GO Backup Pro can synchronize the backed up data to some storing area in Dropbox cloud.

APN Back-up and Re-store

The backup of settings such as APN is extremely useful as due to this setting a user is able to use the services of internet and MMS. Applications such as APN Back-up and Re-store are very useful in these matters. But the problem with this application is that it can’t give a restoration in android version 4.0 Ice cream sandwich, this is because of the some extra restrictions imposed on the android version. But having said that, this app is very effective in all android versions except the 4.0. but there is still a trick made by the developers of the application with the help of which restorations can be made in the android 4.0 too but that trick can only work with devices with rooting done.

JS Backup

Another application for the backing up purposes is the JS Backup. This application has all the features of the backing up data and on top of that it doesn’t cost any money. It can back up data such as contacts, messages, calling history, bookmarks, settings, shortcuts, alarms, applications, images playlist and other multimedia. This application can make back up in external memory as well as in cloud. And finally users can even keep a track of their backup history.


This is very simple application which was developed for the Samsung market with emphasize on the users which don’t get to install the custom operating system. Although the application was based on the windows platform but it can be used on systems running on Linux or macs by the help of certain tricks. This application is made for the folders containing EFS which is present in all the devices running on android and produced by the Samsung. The EFS contains important data like IMEI, MAC addresses, product code etc. the phone may get locked or become unusable if the EFS folder isn’t handled properly.

In the gadgets in which the rooting has been done, the best applications areTITANIUM BACKUP or MY BACKUP . But for a little sum of money, the best solution for backing up the data is the paid TITANIUM BACKUP which has many more functions for backing up the important data.


You can also manually save the APN settings in case the applications for backing and restoring data doesn’t work on the device. The settings can be found in Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. The information in phone’s memory should also be transferred to the external memory.

The phone will lost all its settings during the installations of custom firmware except the official ROM which doesn’t usually happens. So it is always advisable to make a backup of the data.


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