5 BEST FREE ANDROID Apps Youll Use Every Day

App is the short form of the application software. They are computer software made purposely to aid users in doing particular tasks.

These apps can be run on phones computers internet and even other electronic gadgets. Apps are downloaded from apps store often referred to as applications market place. Android apps can be downloaded from google play app store. It contains thousands incredible apps. They are of various kinds, free and other are paid for. Downloaded apps are directly delivered to your device immediately.
Apps are different from system software that control and integrate the activities of the computer. Apps directly control the performance of duties that benefits the end user of a phone or a computer. System software controls the operation of the app which in turn serves the user. Some of the top 5 best free android apps are:

1. Viber App

Viber app gives you an opportunity to send texts, make calls as well as sending video massages and photos across the world without payment. More than 200 million people using wireless fidelity and 3G are using it. Viber is available for androids and other phones and devices. On this app your phone number is used as your ID. It goes through you contact lists and detects your friends with viber. Its importance include: absolutely free call having HD sound quality, groups chat of up to 40 people, ability to send emotions as well as stickers, quick response to messages, notifications even when viber is off.

2. WhatApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger app is available for android and some specific smart phones. It is mostly used with smartphones. It uses WiFi or 3G to send messages. Before you send and receive messages, videos, pictures and audio information, you need to switch from SMS to whatsapp. Some of the important features with this app include: No hidden charges and you can send unlimited SMS as long as you are connected to the internet, you can send multimedia information, group conversation, no need of pins and username when logging in and no international charges. These apps uses you address book to automatically connect to your friends

3. Facebook Apps

Facebook app helps you to get connected to your friends very fast. You share updates, photos, videos and get notifications of any activity going on your profile. You can text chat and have a group chat of many participants. You can get various versions of Facebook apps for android in the android app store.

4. Skype Apps

Skype apps allow users to send instant messages and video calls for free. You can find your friends and family members instantly. Skype also gives you low cost calls to mobile phones and landlines. This app can be installed in smartphones, personal computers, macs and televisions. You can also do video recording.

5. Opera Mini

Opera mini is the world’s quickest android web browser. The browser is very fast and efficient. It is easy to use whether installed on phone or on computer. It reduces the usage of data as it is designed with compression technology when browsing. This app is completely free to use. It has special dials that enable you to see all your favorite sites at once.

Post Author: alexprudcky