5 Best Business Apps for the iPhone

To embrace technology in your business, there are some apps that are fundamental. Iphone has got very many apps that you can use as a tool to steer your business forward. Among the very many business apps the following 5 best business apps for iphone are essential to many businesses.

Document to go


This app has an entire office set for the iphone operating system integrated on it. It gives opportunity to do editing to word and excel documents, see power point slides, pdf, access and any kind of office files. This app helps you to do your work with ease and you can do light office chores at the comfort of your iphone and at any location you are. This app is easy to use and it is compatible with other data files that may be in your iphone. This app costs $9.99 only.

Price: Free ($16.99 for Premium -office Suite, other version vary)

Jump desktop

This app provides an opportunity of connecting to your home or office computer from any place you are by using your iphone. You can get files from a computer elsewhere using Jump desktop instead of relying on the files on your iphone memory alone. This app gives you all the documents stored on the desk top of your computer. You need to save your work on the desktop in order to access them using jump desktop. For business which involves wide exploration, this app is very instrumental. Free apps of this kind are often slow to get the document. To get the fast app you need to purchase one at $9.63.

Price: Free ($9.63 for Premium version)

Evernote app

Many company or offices has got a lot of to do lists. These lists keep on growing on a regular basis up to extent where it becomes impossible to manage it. This app can help you to handle this ‘to do lists’, it helps you to create text notes, take photos and make voice recording of the required activities. This app has got utilities that enable you to consolidate your data into easy to handle notebook. The notebook can designed in appropriate way for easy understand of its content. The app with basic features can be downloaded for free.

Price: Free

Expensify app

Business offices deal with issuance of receipts after exchange of commodities. The storage of these receipts often is cumbersome and locating them is hectic. Expensify app gives you opportunity to take the picture of these receipts, to store important information and it attaches it to its respective credit card purchase. With this app, you can be able to store business expenses and the expense report can be established. The app makes management of business transaction quite easy. This app is downloaded for free from app store.

Price: Free

Hootsuite app

This app is used to join together the facebook, twitter, foursquare and linkedin accounts. You can manage your social media easily by the use of this app. It saves you the need of switching between WebPages. The basic version of this app is free and the upgrades can be acquired by paying different prices depending on the version in question.

Price: Free



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