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            Every user has a couple of things to consider before starting to use a newly-built PC (or any other device with an operating system, for that matter) and one of those things is security. Malware has been getting increasingly aggressive and persistent; to protect yourself from an outbreak, it is wise to look into anti-virus software. And, you guessed it, this BitDefender review aims to gauge the quality of this product.

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            BitDefender Antivirus is the main subject of this brief review. In short, it is an immensely powerful tool. BitDefender is a longstanding leader in anti-malware applications, it comes in a few distinct packages and is regarded as the most comprehensive and feature-complete antivirus, fit to perform any task in home and business environments alike.

            It has an in-depth selection of customizable options and innovative cyber security developments. These help it remain one of the most popular antivirus choices all over the globe. BitDefender will help you keep your system safe from any intrusion; nearly every BitDefender review will tell you that.

            BitDefender Products

            BitDefender develops a broad range of products for home users and businesses alike. Each of these has its own goal and functionality quirks, but the baseline quality remains roughly the same. The current product line consists out of a huge selection of tools, aimed at the most discerning of customers.

            Main options for home users:

            • Internet Security, which is the baseline version of the tool.
            • Antivirus Plus.
            • BitDefender Total Security reviews are common since it is the most comprehensive antivirus on offer from BitDefender. It is designed specifically for home users.
            • BitDefender Box. A novel hardware solution that creates a new way to combat malware by using cloud technologies to their fullest extent.

            Along with virus protection for Windows 10, Mac OS X computers, and support for Android, BitDefender also develops tools like PC Optimizer and System Repair. These are great for getting more processing power out of your PC.

            bitdefender mac review

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            bitdefender screenshot review

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            Costs and Availability

            Every tool comes with a free 30-day trial, after that you are prompted to buy an annual subscription.

            The most expense package here is Total Security, starting at $89.99 a year, with 5 licenses in total.

            It can get pricey, but BitDefender offers a lot of promotions on a constant basis. You can easily get a subscription for just a fraction of the normal cost.

            Technical Support

            Every BitDefender product is eligible for technical support. The support team provides 24/7 service for home and business users. In case any problem arises, the tech team will be able to provide immediate assistance and troubleshooting.

            Visual Design

            The interface keeps shifting and adapting with each annual iteration of the tool, but the major trend of keeping everything simple is ever present in the design philosophy of the product.

            The interface isn’t obtuse, and it is free from any visual clutter. BitDefender has a very slick, functional design. It allows to browse and customize all the major attributes in just a few clicks.

            Feature Set

            Every feature of the tool is very customizable.

            Internet security options, for example. Users can set up presets (permissive, normal, aggressive) for protection, on-access scanning, active control, set up exclusions and quarantine details. And much, much more.

            Find the best choice for yourself, but keep in mind increasing detection algorithms may bring up some false positives as a result.


            Arguably the biggest change present in the 2017 iteration of the tool is that the feature called “Autopilot” is now enabled by default.

            If you are unfamiliar with “Autopilot,” this feature basically controls all the essential functions, like the settings of the antivirus, firewall, privacy and automatic updates without any user input.

            An unobtrusive, ever-present helper. If you want to save time, you can rely on “Autopilot” to let it perform all the malware protection duties.

            Active Virus Protection and Scanning BitDefender has always been at the top of independent tests in terms of active protection. The new, 2017 iteration of the product is no different in that regard. No matter how your system gets abused, BitDefender will always be there to help you out. Active scanning algorithm performs well, as you would expect. Detection rates for new malware are, arguably, the best in the segment.

            The tool doesn’t take up much space and puts only a moderate strain on your processing power, along with small memory usage. It should be fine with working on practically any kind of personal computer. Even previous generations of PC’s should have no problems running it; BitDefender is not a resource hog.


            Even at its default out-of-the-box state, BitDefender provides massive levels of protection. With a large amount of viruses in its database, the tool provides virtually complete virus protection with manageable rates of false positives.

            Many independent tests tend to confirm that BitDefender Antivirus software is one of the best in business right now. In either case, you can’t go wrong with it. An unobtrusive firewall, reliable active protection, anti-phishing tools and an enormous set of functionality create one of the most complete packages for PC security.

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